This is one project that is truly dear to my heart as ‘Mix Family’, a 14-piece photography collection taken in seven cities in Italy and is on its way for exhibition, resonates the diaspora of Filipinos as if each one is trying not just to survive but also find meaning and value in a land that has become second home to many. In an attempt to find meaning and as a means for survival, love is found, and amidst the chaos and difficulty of differences in culture and values, something beautiful, sometimes heartbreaking, but more often inspiring, blossoms. This said collection revolves around this theme as it depicts life through a series of photographs of a mix family that is composed of a Filipina mother, Italian father, and a mix-bred child. Its purpose is undeniable:  the awareness and the understanding of their plight.

It is in this regard that I am knocking on the generosity of your heart to be a meaningful part of this project as a sponsor for the exhibit to be done in the Philippines at Yuchengco Museum on March 23 (opening of the exhibition) until June 22, 2019. As an artist that continues to advance our shared vision, the said money will be used for the expenses incurred in making the exhibit a success.